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Demo Area

Here are some video samples to view.


Hover Blast Video Demo


The Chase


Air Wars


Zombie Wars


Laser Hook




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12 06 2018


Latest Update: April 2, 2018

How To:

What you need to design games.

  • First Step

    PC or MAC computers/laptops needed. Download not available on mobile devices. To make your own game, download the software and learn.

  • Second Step

    To make a video game, you need a game design software. Thousands of game assets called "UNITYPACKAGES" let the software build a game. DontGiveA.Com Productions has an extensive library.

  • Third Step

    Where can I learn?

    Tutorials and Video Presentations.

    If you use YOUTUBE, you can find thousands of videos on how to do specific things in your game projects. Whatever your imagination can come up with, there IS a way that you can design it in 3D space and interact with it.

  • Fourth Step

    What is the cost?

    Professional versions are available.

    Just like any other software, there is a professional version available for sale. Using the FREE game engine still allows you to design games. To make games more realistic, you will need the pro versions. Learn the ART and come back and help!

  • Go Learn!